• BOUTBAR™ WALL UNIT Rotating Boxing Target Bar

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    The Official BOUTBAR

      innovative boxing and fitness training device for home or gym use exclusively manufactured and precision engineered to the highest quality.

    This innovative boxing & fitness system is a truly ground breaking product that helps teaching core fundamental boxing skills. Helping to develop: hand-eye coordinationfootwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, power simulating realistic sparing experience in a safe environment. With all of this and more, trainers and trainees will be able to learn, practice and gain skills required in a real bout!

    • Wall mounted
    • Flat wall folding after use
    • Bolts/Spanner Supplied
    • Height adjustable telescopic pole
    • Easy assembly
    • Weight inc packaging 17lb
    • *Must be fitted to a brick wall
    • If Installing on Sheetrock or Dry wall you MUST attach wooden board with at least 4-6 screws on each side that will go in to 2x4 studs and attach BOUTBAR™ to the wooden board. See example on picture #6.
    • BOUTBAR™ is not responsible for any damages.

    • Quick Details

    ·         Model Number: BOUTBAR™ WALL

    ·         Type: Boxing Equipment

    ·         Color: Black

    ·         Material: Steel

    ·         Usage: Training and Testing the Flexible

    ·         Packing: Carton Box

    ·         Size: 8”x5”x29” / 20x11x73cm

    ·         Packaging Details: 9”x5”x30” / 22x13x74cm


    Also located on the base of the equipment


    • Eye protection must be worn at all times

    • Boxing gloves must be worn at all times

    • Head gear guard must be worn at all times

    • Mouth piece gum shield must be worn at all times

    • DO NOT use bar if bar pad is removed

    • Always make surrounding people aware of your activity

    • Always consult your doctor before starting a new physical activity

    • Under 18’s years old MUST ALWAYS be supervised

    • This is NOT A PUNCHING BAG nor SPEED BAG but BOXING SKILL REACTION development and fitness product and it is NOT DESIGNED for HARD HITS


    • Misuse or abuse of this product will void the warranty

    • BOUTBAR™ is NOT responsible for any damages to your walls if equipment is NOT installed according to instructions