We formed the company after years of researching training methods for martial arts, boxing and other athletes. It has come to our attention that in early stages of training for children and young adults there is no equipment that allows them to practice important technics without the assistance from a coach or training partner. We strongly believe that athletes who aim to perfect their skills will benefit from training using Boutbar™ boxing and fitness equipment. Boutbar™ was created using effective boxing combinations backed by years of real boxing experiences tested by world champions and athletes in fitness gyms around the world.

This innovative boxing & fitness system is a truly ground breaking product that helps teaching core fundamental boxing skills. Helping to develop: hand-eye coordinationfootwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, power simulating realistic sparing experience in a safe environment. With all of this and more, trainers and trainees will be able to learn, practice and gain skills required in a real bout!

We are continuously working on improving our products to ensure highest quality that will allow you will enjoy your training sessions using our equipment.
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